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Who are we?

We are a chemical company with a strong business orientation, focused on supplying products destined to extensive markets.

We look to the future, allowing an increasing part of our budget to new registers and patents as well as research and development.
We mainly rely on our knowlegde of synthesis and formulation processes, especially glyphosate.

What is our vision?

Our vision of cultivations protection includes new forms such as the seeds biotechnology : we are now developing hybrid seeds business as a way to increase our company’s activity and get advantage of the synergy between both businesses.

Our Staff: 

Experimented and high quality human resource is another characteristic of our company where continuous training is a reality.

Our sale and logistical department covers Argentina’s main productive areas, assuring a permanent contact all along the comercial chain, building up strong relations with our clients, providing them with reliable products and continous support.
We focus on long-term clients relationships, inverting in high quality processes in order to always provide them with the best products.

“A reliable product ensures your results”

Even if Argentinan booming market is continually raising new challenges,  we are looking further to the Mercosur area, in order to maintain and increase our long-term competitivity. Therefore, we are widening all over the region our products offer and building up alliances with production companies, giving them our market knowledge and our comercial and industrial competitivity.

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